5V USB Direct Hardwire Adapter Kit

  • $ 9.25

  • Kit includes one ultra compact USB port direct hard wire kit for car or motorcycle only
  • Simple solution of adding an on board USB charging port for your Apple iPhone, smartphone, GPS, XM Sirius Satellite Radio and many other mobile devices. for Apple Lightning 8 pin, 30 pin, Micro, Mini USB cable.
  • Easy installation: use a fuse tap or wire tap to draw power from fuse block or wire.
  • Cable length: approx. 5-1/2' in total, 1' from type A female USB to regulator box, 4-1/2' from regulator box to wire end. additional wires can be added to the kit's end to increase the total length.
  • Regulator power spec.: 12V~24V input, 5V 3000mA output, regulator box size: about 2-1/2"x 1' (4.5cm x 2cm)

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