EDO Tech Direct Hard Wire Car Charger Kit for Sirius XM Radio Fit PowerConnect & Universal Dock

  • $ 16.00

  • This compact hard wire kit compatible to Powerconnect Adapter. It fits Onyx Lynx Edge Stratus 6 Starmate 5 8 Audiovox Xpress EZ R RC Mirge XMP3i XDPIV1 SXDPIP1 SDSV6V1 SADV2 XAPV2 SX1EV1 SV7TK1C Onyx EZ XEZ1V1(for Powerconnect Dcok 4.7mm and 3.0mm socket)
  • For XM Agt Sportcaster Rvk101 Mirge Sxmir1 Sportster 3 4 5 Sp3-tk1 Sp4-tk1 Sp5-tk1 Starmate 3 4 St3-tk1 St4-tk1 St5-tk1 Xpmp3h1; Audiovox Xmc10 Xpress Xm7 receiver XpressRc Xmck30p XpressR Xmck20ap Xpress-Ez Xmck5p; Pioneer Gex-Xmp3 Cd-Xmpcar1 Xmp3i Inno Airware Gex-inno1 Gex-inno2bk, Delphi Myfi Xm2go Sa10113 Skyfi3 Sa10224 XpressRC Sa10316 Sa10315-11b1 Roady Xt Sa10276 Sa10375; Sirius Stratus 3 4 5 Sv3r sv3tk1c Sv4tk1 sv5tk1 Inv2 S12tk1; Samsung Stiletto 2 Sl2 Sl10 Slh1 Slh2 10/100 Helix Xm2go Yx-m1 Nexus 25 Yp-x5 50 Yp-x5z Ya-cp200, Sirius Dock S50-c S50tk1 Supv1 Supv1r Sv3 Uc8 136-4458; Xm Dock Xadh1 Xphd1( Universal dock 3.0mm socket)

  • Power spec: 12~24V input, 1200mA output, ultra compact design (for power only no FM signal). Total cable length: 5-1/2', about 4.5' from plug to regulator, 1' from regulator to end of the kit.
  • Adapter plug size: about 3/16" (4.7mm) and 1/8" (3.0mm)
  • Wire can be added to the end of the kit to increase the total length when needed, with LED indicator.

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