EDO Tech Direct Hardwire Kit for Garmin GPS

  • $ 17.00

Hardwire car charger kit for Garmin Nuvi, TomTom GO, Mio Moov & Magellan Roadmate, Maestro GPS. This ultra compact 2nd generation hardwire kit comes with a 90 degree mini USB connect is an ideal hardwire kit for your car and bike.

12V~24V direct DC power input, 5V 1200mA output, LED power indicator, hardwire cable length: approx 5-1/2' in total, 1' from type A female USB to regulator box, 4-1/2' from regulator box to wire end. additional wires can be added to the kit's end to increase the total length.

USB Cable Length: about 2', heavy duty, double insulated cable for GPS power only, no traffic receiver function.

USB charging port work with your Apple iPhone, smartphone, GPS, XM Sirius Satellite Radio, Dash Cam and many other mobile devices by switching the USB cable for Garmin GPS to Apple Lightning 8 pin, 30 pin, Micro or Mini USB cable.

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