EDO Tech 6.5 Ft Car Charger Power Adapter for Philips Portable DVD Player

  • $ 12.00

  • For all Philips portable DVD player models, pb9001/37 pv70021/37 pet1030/37 pet702/37 pet76/05 pet710 pet23, pet729/37 pet741M/37 pet749/37 pet824/37 pvd700/37 pvd900/37 pet941A/37 dcp852/37 dcp855 pd700/37 pd703/37 pd9000/37 pd9003/12 pd9030/37 pd902/37. This adapter is compatible with Philips Part Number ly-02 ay-4133 ay-4128 ay-4197
  • Also for Pd7030/98 Pd7030/12 Pet741m/37 Pet741w/37 Pet741w/17 Pet702/37 Pet1002/37 Pet710/37 Pet729/37 Pet835/00 Pet830/00 Pet830/98 Pet1030/00 Pet1030/05 Pet730/05 Pet1035/00 Pet735 Pet704/05 Pet100/67 Pet1046/12 Pet1031/98 Pet1031/12 Pet1000 Pet748/58 Pet718/55 Pet718/98 Pet724/37 Pet741b/37 Pet831 Pet836 Pet825 Pet810 Pet800 Pet940 Pet946/12 Pet988 Pet944/12 Pet941d/79 Pet941d/37 Pet941a/37
  • 6-1/2' or 200 cm in total length, 12V input double insulation cable with LED power indicator.
  • Also works with all Sylvania, Insignia, Ematic, Impecca and Axion portable DVD player (will not work with RCA models
  • Product UPC: 608729822917

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