EDO Tech DC Car Charger Adapter Cable Cord for Sylvania Single and Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

  • $ 12.00

  • compatible to Sylvania Portable DVD Player Sylvania 7" 8" 9" & 10" portable DVD Player
  • quality car adapter cord with heavy duty double insulation cable
  • 12V input, about 6-1/2' or 200cm in length
  • with LED power status indicator
  • 30 days money back, one year warranty
  • for Sylvania Sdvd1030 Sdvd1332 Sdvd7002 Sdvd7003d Sdvd7004 Sdvd7007 Sdvd7014 Sdvd7038 Sdvd7068 Sdvd7079 Sdvd8716 Sdvd8716d Sdvd8716-com Sdvd8737 Sdvd8739 Sdvd8737a Sdvd8730 Sdvd8739 Sdvd8747 Sdvd8750 Sdvd9000 Sdvd9000b2 Sdvd9005 Sdvd9006b Sdvd9014 Sdvd9104 Sdvd9016 Sdvd9019 Sdvd9020 Sdvd9020b Sdvd9805 Sdvd9957 Portable Dvd Player
  • Also for Philips DVD players, PB9001/37, PV70021/37, PET1030/37, PET702/37, PET76/05, PET710, PET723, PET729/37, PET741M/37, PET749/37, PET824/37, PVD700/37, PVD900/37, PET941A/37, DCP852/37, DCP855, PD700/37, PD703/37, PD9000/37, PD9003/12, PD9030/37, PD902/37 and Insignia NS-D7PDVD NS-P10DVD
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