DC Vehicle Adapter Car Charger Power Cord for RCA Portable DVD player

  • $ 9.00

EDO Tech 6-1/2' Long Dc Vehicle Adapter Car Charger Power Cord for RCA Drc69705e22 Drc69702 Drc6289 Drc6309 Drc6272e Drc6296 Brc3087 Brc3073 Brc3109 Portable Dvd, Blu-ray Player: 
  • work with most RCA DRC DVD and Blu-ray player
  • 12V input, with LED power status indicator, about 6-1/2' in length
  • 30 days money back, one year warranty
  • double insulated cable, quality replacement for your original power cord
  • compatible to RCA Drc97283 Drc97383 Drc97983 Drc99310u Drc99310k Drc99380 Drc99380u Drc99382 Drc99392 Drc99392e Drc99731Drc6368 Drc6389 Drc6389t Drc99370 Drc99371e Drc99370u Drc99390 Drc96100 Drc98101s Drc3109 Drc62708 Drc6272 Drc6282 Drc6289 Drc6292 Drc6309 Drc6317 Drc6317e Drc6318e Drc6327 Drc6327e Drc6327ec Drc6327el Drc6331 Drc6331b Drc6331k Drc6331r Drc6338 Drc6338el Drc6338r Drc6338t Drc69702 Drc628 Drc615n Drc6296 Drc6377 Drc6379t Drc69705 Brc3087 Brc3073 Brc3109
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