EDO Tech Mini USB Hard Wire Kit for Vehicle On Board Dash Cam DVR

  • $ 12.50

  • Kit includes one ultra compact Mini USB type A male direct hardwire kit
  • Easy installation: use a fuse tap or wire tap to draw power from fuse block or wire.
  • Regulator power spec.: 12V~24V input, 5V 1200mA output, regulator box size: about 2-1/2"x 1' (4.5cm x 2cm)
  • Free up your cigarette lighter socket and add a reliable dedicate power to your DVR
  • Cable length: approx 10' in total, 5' from end of cable to 5V regulator box, 5' from regulator box to USB end.
  • Work with DVR, camera recorder with mini USB power port. 
  • For Garmin GPS Tracker
  • B40 A118 Novatek 96650 AR0330, Taotronic TT-CD04, CDV300 Ambarella, Cobra CDR810 CDR830, G1W G1W-C vehicle DVR, mini 0801 Auto Dash Cam, Mobius ActionCam 1080P, Garmin Dash Cam 10 20, Samoon GS6000 GS8000L DVR, iTracker GT550WS DVR, HP F200 DashBoard Video Camera DVR, Samoon 3H2F-D / GS6000 DVR, E-Prance GS608 Ojocam DVR, Mio Mivue 338 350 358 388 538 528 568 DVR, A118 Novatek 96650 AR0330 6G Dash Cam