USB Charger Cable Cord & Wall Ac Adapter for Garmin Nuvi SatNav GPS

  • $ 18.00

  • Compatible with Garmin Nuvi 55lmt 56lmt 57lmt 58lmt 65lmt 66lmt 2455lmt 2457lmt 2495lmt 2497lmt 2539lmt 2555lmt 2557lmt 2559lmt 2589lmt 2595lmt 2597lmt 2599lmt 2557lmt 2577lt 2597lmt 2639lmt 289lmt 2699lmt 2757lmt 2789lmt 2797lmt 2798lmt Sat Nav GPS
  • USB cable comes with FM traffic antenna.
  • Charger set also work with Garmin nuvi 1100 1200 1250 1260t, 1300 1300LM 1350 1350T 1370T 1390LMT 1390T 1450 1450LMT 1490LMT 1490T 200 200W 205W 250 250W 255 255W 260 260W 265T 265WT 270 270W 275 275T 285 285W 285WT 295W 350 360 360W 370 2200 2250 2250LT 2300 2300LM 2350 2350LMT 2350LT 2360LMT 2360LT 2370LT 465T 500 550 30 40 50 50LM Nulink 1695 and other Garmin devices with mini USB powering socket.
  • Wall adapter and cable come with 30 days money back, one year replacement warranty
  • 4A output 4 ports USB wall charger, two smart ports (for Apple and Samsung phone and tablet) , two regular ports (for Android, GPS and other mobile device). input: 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz, output: 5V 4A, 20W Max. USB charging cable (not for sync or data cable) length: about 5', heavy duty double insulated cable with space saving 90° mini USB connector, LED power indicator on AC adapter,. Charger set will not activate PC/ data storage mode; USB charging cable also can be used on vehicle with a proper on board 5V USB powering adapter.


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