EDO direct hardwire car charger cable power cord for Garmin GPS

Ultra compact hard wire kit for your Garmin. This power cable also work with TomTom, Mio, Magellan and other GPS with mini USB powering.

With antenna for Garmin traffic built in 5" 6" GPS models, Nuvi 55lmt 56lmt 57lmt 58lmt 65lmt 66lmt 2495lmt 2497lmt 2539lmt 2555lmt 2557lmt 2589lmt 2597lmt 2599lmt 2597lmt 

Compatible with Garmin TA20 adapter. (compatible with RDS not HD traffic, check your local RDS signal coverage at navteq.com)

Total cable length is 10' or 300 cm, 5-1/2' from plug to regulator box, and 4-1/2' from end of the cable to regulator box.

Powering spec is 12~24V input and 5V, 1.2A output, with 90 degree mini USB plug.

Works with for Garmin GPS with mini USB port powering fit nuvi 1200 1250 1260t, 1300 1300LM 1350 1350T, 1370T 1390LMT 1390T 1450 1450LMT 1490LMT 1490T 200 200W 200 205W 2200 2250 2250LT 2300 2300LM 2350 2350LMT 2350LT 2360LMT 2360LT 2370LT 250 250W 255 255W 260 260W 265T 265WT 270 275T 295W 350 360 370 465T 500 550 30 40 50 50LM 010-10723-06 Nulink 1695 GTU 10 StreetPilot C550 C580 C310 C320 C330 C340 C350

Also for Garmin Nuvi 52lm 55lmt 56lmt 57lm 58lmt 65lmt 66lmt 67lm 68lmt 2455 2455lmt 2457 2457lmt 2495 2495lmt 2497 2497lmt 2539 2539lmt 2555lmt 2557lmt 2559lmt 2589 2589lmt 2595lmt 2597 2597lmt 2599 2599lmt 2557 2557lmt 2577 2577lt 2597lmt

And Gramin Drive 50 50lm 51 50lmt USA EX 51lm 51lmt-s;DriveSmart 50 50lmt 50lmthd  51 51lmt-s;DriveAssist 50lmt; DriveLuxe 50lmthd 51lmt-s

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